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Have you been looking for a trustworthy, dependable place to buy religious items and gifts? Do you need a wonderful and expressive present for a niece who just had her Confirmation, a friend who became a parent, or a daughter close to celebrating her First Communion?

If so, Show Who You Are Christian Store is the place to come. We are the best Christian gift shop in the Denver area, offering an array of beautiful Christian gift supplies for any and every occasion.

Our faith-based decorative gifts and items—including mugs, crosses, clocks, and wall hangings—make excellent offerings for children and adults of all ages. Our art gifts are simple and lovely to look at, depicting Christ, crosses, and other symbols important to the Christian faith. It is our goal to serve the entire Christian community, both Protestants and Catholics, as well as to reach out to those not yet committed to Christianity but are curious and seeking to learn about it.

Great Catholic gifts can be difficult to come by in this day and age. At every corner, we find ourselves inundated by meaningless and at times poisonous media—magazines depicting celebrity divorces, television shows that use cruel language, movies that promote violence and depict aggressive behaviors.

At Show Who You Are Christian Store, our undertaking is simple: to counteract the effects of these media displays on our children and teenagers, spread love, and strengthen our relationship with Christ. We view our faith as the most important component of our lives, and we want to share our beliefs with everyone around us. If you have been searching for the perfect outlet to buy gifts, Bibles, and Christian Books for your Christian friends or family members, your search is over.

Reach out to Show Who You Are Christian Store for a complete list of our items and supplies!

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